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5 reasons to replace MS Access with WorkMap

No compromises

You get all the powerful database app features that Access offers you.

  • Relational Tables

  • Custom Forms

  • Reports and Queries

  • Rules & Automations

WorkMap is web native, and built for teams

Access restricts you to your local network, and is not built for concurrent team access. This is severely regressive in a world of cloud and mobile. WorkMap lets you build truly modern database apps, that your entire team can access from anywhere in the world.

Workmap works for large databases

Access really slows down when you work with databases larger than 1GB. Workmap is a massively scalable web solution which works like a charm for small or large databases.

Workmap is real time

With WorkMap, multiple team members can concurrently contribute to your database and see each others additions in real-time! Access? Don’t even dream about it!

Workmap is beautiful

Workmap delivers an exceptional experience with a focus on delivering simplicity without compromising on depth.


Simple and minimal. Borrows from the latest in UX design.

Microsoft Access

Legacy software from yesteryear.

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