Extend your consulting business with WorkMap

So what is the proposition?

Create custom solutions for your niche

As an expert IT consultant, only you know the ins and outs of your niche. Piggyback off WorkMap to build highly custom apps for the unique requirements of your audience.

Earn recurring, not one-time revenue

WorkMap allows you to build cloud based applications. Accordingly, you can offer SaaS pricing and build a recurring revenue stream.

MS Access is passe. Build no-code cloud apps

Microsoft Access, IT consultants’ traditional go-to platform has fallen seriously behind in the cloud era. WorkMap lets you build truly cloud native, no-code team apps.

Your revenue opportunities

Our Toolkit. Your Specialized Knowledge.

Distribute packaged industry apps

Build cloud apps with wide industry relevance on top of Workmap. Build and scale a userbase.

Build bespoke apps for special clients

Create highly custom apps for large opportunities or very special requirements.

Earn consulting and support revenue

Assist your clients at every stage of the IT cycle – consulting, building and maintenance.