Auto Resource Matching with A.I.

Goodbye manual matching. Our intelligent matching engine does it for you.

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Staffing a hospital during a pandemic

to provide that critical care to patients who are sick, you need to have the right staff available and assigned where they’re needed. makes that we are adequately staffed and that the resources are allocated appropriately

Taylor Martin – Manager, Clinical Resource Team, MGH Hospital

Real-time matching

Allow stakeholders who manage resources and requirements to submit details online in real-time,  allowing for resource matching which reflects a down-to-the-minute view of your organization.

AI & RPA that work for you

Our intelligent matching engine gives you multiple choices depending on your requirement.

Auto Matching

Automatically match resources and requirements without any human intervention.

Recommendation Engine

The intelligent matching engine makes recommendation, which you approve or disapprove.

Manual Matches

Quickly allow your teams to match resources and requirements in real time

Staff Matching

Match available staff with requests elsewhere in the organization in real time

Room Booking

Match booking requests with available rooms

Hospital Bed Management

Match new inpatient admissions with available beds

Resource Booking

Allow your employees to book a limited office resource – conference rooms, projectors, cars etc.

Student Course Suggestions

Recommend available courses based on student preferences

Match Anything!

Flexible enough to accommodate almost any resource matching need


Our pre-built matching apps let you manage many resource matching needs right out of the box. Our no code platform lets you easily accommodate any custom requirements.