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Automate testing from end-to-end

Self-scheduling & Registration

Allow your stakeholders to register and self-schedule testing slots in advance

Control exactly what happens where, when, why

Easily mould the system to your precise process and requirements

Rule-based notifications for your people

Communicate important information to stakeholders via email or SMS notifications

Effortlessly meet your compliance obligations

Set up automated reports and notifications to make sure you keep on top of your compliance requirements

Track and Record Test Details

Allow health practitioners to easily capture all details of tests


Home Testing made Simple

Record test details, and test results. Keep a copy for your records, and share with your employer, family, or anyone with a click.


for Employees requiring testing

Schedule your test, show up, get your results and notify your employer in minutes - ensure a covidsafe workplace for your staff and customers.


for Health Care Experts performing tests

Modern and simple interface to track patients, test details and results, and to trigger specific workflows depending on test results.


for Public Health Officials

Keep an eye on caseload and trends in your jurisdiction, and get real time alerts for positive cases


for Sponsors

  • Ensure you are notified of positive test results
  • Custom workflows to notify government and medical bodies to guarantee your compliance.
  • Customize workflows to ensure your videos and instructional materials are available and accessible
  • Generate reports and track kit usage and results through your customer base.
  • Monitor inventory for quick reordering.


for Manufacturers

  • Provide your sponsors with a unique end to end testing solution
  • Provide robust compliance solutions to your in-country sponsors.
  • Compile case reports for positive results and record follow up details (PCR Results etc.)
  • Track test usage throughout a company, city, town or country.

Put your testing drive on auto pilot

Streamline your effort with automations

Who can benefit?

Home Testing

Allow people who self-test at home to report results on their own


Retail, restaurants, theatres or any other business can test and certify their employees, and meet compliance requirements

Educational Institutions

Test students and staff and help everyone get back to school!

Public Sector Organizations

Whether it's to certify your workers, or conduct a public health testing drive, streamline your operations.


Bundle workflow and test management technology with your test kits.

Diagnostic Labs

Bundle workflow and test management technology with your testing services.

Industrial Organizations

Test and certify your workers to meet occupational safety requirements.

Entertainment, Sports Venues

Test everyone attending your event whether its a game, a concert or a conference.

Extend WorkMap

WorkMap is a no-code data management and process automation platform which can be used to manage almost any process. Pick from our library of pre-built applications or work with us to customize your specific processes.

Vaccination Tracking

Manage vaccine scheduling, tracking, and reporting in one online place.

Inventory Management

Keep on top of your vaccine and test kit supplies to reduce wastage.

Any other process

Work with us to automate any process which involves data collection, workflows and reporting.

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