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Simplicity and beauty are our guiding forces. Organize your data in a familiar tabular structure, while you get all the benefits of a modern workflow solution – automations, reports, forms, database and more.

Interactive Demo

Click around in the demo app below to get a sense of WorkMap capabilities. Please note that the demo broadly represents WorkMap, and is not an exact replica.

Workflows on steroids with A.I.

In our labs, we are working on leveraging cutting edge A.I. technologies to help you with managing your data journey.

Chatbots for data collection

Turn sentences into workflows with natural language processing

Get automatic insights based on pattern recognition

Our mad geniuses continue to plug away…

Automations – Set it and forget it

Our powerful automations engine lets you determine exactly how your workflows and processes evolve – and then you take it easy.

When this.

Then this.

Everyone knows what they need to do

Intelligent assignments and notifications make sure everyone keeps on top of their responsibilities across workflows.

Apps ready to roll

Get started instantly with our expansive library of workflow templates built by our experts.

Vacation Tracking

Simple CRM

School Management

Order Processing



New Hires

Employee Onboarding

Event Management

Projects & Tasks

PR & Media


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