Access file: File size < 100 MB , # of Tables < 60 , # of Records per Table < 30K
CSV file: Only File size < 100 MB

Once you need to retrieve your data, it is possible to do so by creating a report with all of the information you require, and then you can export via .csv with a click of a button.

Workmap.ai is hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Inside of the automation section, you can create a rule that is activated by a condition. Once the condition is met, a move event will then move the specific record to the specified phase.

Forms and reports both support public links and offer pre-configured code so you can easily embed the content on your website!

Workmap offers an access importation tool that will retain all tables and data types. To preserve the relations during the importation process, select columns for each table that represent either a primary or foreign key in your table diagram.

Of course! This is possible if you invite them first as just a member and then assign specific permissions in individual workspaces such as read-only, limited view, and content editor.

This can be done by inviting people via e-mail inside of the users section under the bottom left menu.

Yes! Our product supports as many apps as you would like to create

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