Release Notes

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  • Self Registration to Company – Allow users to self-register to a company account.
  • Self Registration to Workflow – Allow users to self-register directly to a workflow.
  • Using modals for subforms – Display subforms as table or popup window
  • UI – Improve how public forms look on mobile devices
  • Allow users to be a member of multiple company accounts
  • Mobile app offline access – Users may now submit data even without an internet connection


  • Landing page – Users can now design tailored landing pages to engage stakeholders, and provide a birds eye view of their entire operation with graphs, reports, shortcuts to important workflows and forms etc.
  • Scheduling and booking – Users can now schedule doctor’s appointments, equipment, medical tests, and more using the special scheduling field type.
  • Allow for mathematical operations on dates and times
  • Authenticated access to data – Allow access to table records through public form using authentication fields
  • Add filters to subforms


  • A.I. Resource Matching – WorkMap can now automatically match data from two data sets – resources/requests, available staff/staffing requests, students/scholarships or anything else.
  • Dashboard – Users can now get a visual representation of their data through charts and graphs directly from the tables. The dashboard can be a central hub for your application.
  • Grouped Reporting – Aggregate values in reports. The grouped reporting function allows users to create reports by grouping recurring values in relation to the aggregated fields.
  • HTML Block in Form editor and Dashboard – Add custom HTML elements