Web Forms allow users to gather data from the world to begin their workflow. The information provided in these fields will automatically be entered into the table. These can be accessed from public links which can be embedded into any website.

Creating Web Forms in

Form Designer

The form designer allows users to hide specific fields from the table so they may only be accessed internally. For example, if you would like to deny or approve an application, this could be a hidden field within the record which can trigger automation rules to move the record to a different location.

In the form designer users can also toggle specific fields as required, rearrange fields, rename each field and the title of the form.

Users also have the option to add a their own image to the top of their form with a simple drag and drop of a file.

Sharing Forms

To share a form, select the “share” button in the top right hand side of the screen.

Once this has been selected there will be a pop-up providing users with the public link of the form along with an embed code.

Sub Forms

In order to configure sub-forms you must first make sure that you have established links to all of the other workflow tables you wish to be presented as such. Without doing this as the first step, the option to see sub-forms in the form builder will not be displayed. Sub-forms help a user accomplish the task of adding data to multiple tables at once all in one place.

After doing so and entering the form builder you can then add sub-forms to your form by hitting the add button.

Once the add button is selected you will then be provided to select which columns you wish to be displayed in the sub-form widget that is movable on the form builder on the right.

Viewing Linked Records With Sub-forms

While the instructions above will allow you to add data to other tables from your sub-form, in order to view linked records with an embedded sub-form view, you must check the box for “Use to view and add items in workflow tables.” The second checkbox will replace the default modal design if selected when pressing the button add new in the workflow section.

Once you have enabled and saved the top selection you will now be able to see your sub-form records in the workflow section. You can do so by selecting the record modal button for the record of your choice.

Now that you have selected your record’s modal, the sub-form’s linked record will appear below.